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IALURIL: the clinical utility of glycosaminoglycan replenishement treatment

 The EAU 29th Annual Congress is the prestigious venue for the IBSA Symposium “Glycosaminoglycan-replenishement. Therapy: Rationale for Use and Current Evidence”.  The Chairmen are Prof. Philip Van Kerrebroek and Professor Mauro Cervigni. The physiological function of the urothelium is explained in depth by Prof. Paulo Dinis Olivera, de Sao Joao in Porto, followed by Dr. Rosanna Tarricone,  who looks into the economic burden of recurrent urinary tract infections. Finally Prof. Salvador Arlandis-Guzman, gives insights of the clinical utility of IALURIL®, a balanced association of high concentration sodium hyaluronate, chondroitin sulfate and calcium chloride, components which play a key role in replenishing a defective glycosaminoglycan layer, a  defect  that  can cause frequent and recurring problems (such as, for example, cystitises of varying etiology).


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