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medico » Prof. Umberto Veronesi

Prof. Umberto Veronesi

Scientific Director of Istituto Europeo di Oncologia (IEO), Milan, Italy

specialty: Oncology

[it] Prevention and state of the art technologies against cancer
Prof. Umberto Veronesi
Nowadays, everyone is aware of the imrpotance of prevention in the fight against cancer. Thanks to this awareness, surgery has decreased considerably, whereas less invasive treatments are on the increase.
[it] Lung Cancer: the project of the IEO Institute - Milan
Prof. Umberto Veronesi
Two have been the great revolutions during the past 20 years: dna codification and diagnostic imaging, both valuable allies in the fight against cancer.
[it] The new Melanoma Cancer Center - IEO Institute Milan
Prof. Umberto Veronesi
Early detection, medical staff updating, advanced technologies and treatments, these are just some of the "tools" now available to fight melanoma. This tumor can also be considered as the "key" to understanding how treatments work to eventually use in treating other cancers. The newly opened Melanoma Cancer Center thus becomes of fundamental importance for research activity, detection and treatment.
[it] IEO & the economic investments to fight cancer
Prof. Umberto Veronesi
Thanks to the latest technologies, the new radiation treatment have changed the approach to some cancers. However this has also means approaching treatment in a different way, paying particular attention to minor invasive procedures.
[it] TFC: an opportunity against lung cancer
Prof. Umberto Veronesi
The introduction, on a large scale, of the Tobacco Free Sigarette offers a new tool to all those engaged in the fight against lung cancer, a disease which claims 30000 lives a year which are mostly due to smoking. IEO is the promoter of a study that uses the TFC to reduce the impact smoking has on health. On the webpage dedicated to the event, all the related videos.

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