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medico » Dott. Fabio Buzi

Dott. Fabio Buzi

Head of the Division of Paediatrics "G.Zamboni Azienda Ospedaliera "C.Poma", Mantova, Italy

specialty: Pediatrics

[it] Pediatricians and growth disorders
Dott. Fabio Buzi
The pediatrician plays an important role is diagnosing potential growth disorders. A constant flow of information between the pediatrician and the specialist is necessary to guarantee the highest level of assistance.
[it] How to recognise an auxological disorder
Dott. Fabio Buzi
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The creation of a network which sees the cooperation of hospital specialists and pediatricians is fundamental in order to assure the highest standards of medical assistance. Also important is the use of a proper criteria on which to base clinical evidence related to the growth of the person.

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