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medico » Prof. Filippo Cruciani

Prof. Filippo Cruciani

Professor of Ophthalmology, Università La Sapienza, Rome, Italy

specialty: Ophthalmology

[it] Macular Degeneration: impact on quality of life
Prof. Filippo Cruciani
Many are the diffucilties a patient with macular degeneration has to face. The simplest of things may be difficult to carry out as a result the patient's quality of life is generally very poor.
[it] The impact of retinal diseases
Prof. Filippo Cruciani
Given the increasing age of the population, retinal diseases are also on the increase. These disorders can have a very negative impact of the quality of life of a person. Early detection and appropriate treatments are fundamental.
[it] Retinal diseases: patients and quality of life
Prof. Filippo Cruciani
Retinal diseases can lead to a great trerduction in vision capabilities and sometimes even to blindness. The consequences are quite heavy: social emargination and loss of independence. Rehabilitation is a key factor and helps the patient to make the most of the remaining eyesight.
[it] Hyper vision and blindness
Prof. Filippo Cruciani
What is the difference between "total" blindness and "legal" blindness? Which is the threshold of blindness and hypervision? Prof. Cruciani explains the criteria of the classification which is based on the 138 Law of 2011, currently in force in Italy.
[it] Retinal diseases and economic social impact
Prof. Filippo Cruciani
Retinal costs generate heavy social costs. Fortunately there are now new treatments which which have proved very valuable in curing such disorders and subsequently the ecomomic social impact has been drastically cut.

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