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Prof. Francesco Bandello

Head, Department of Othphalmology, Istituto Scientifico Universitario San Raffaele, Milan, Italy

specialty: Ophthalmology

[it] Macular degeneration does not cause blindness
Prof. Francesco Bandello
Macular degeneration does not cause blindness. Furthermore, thanks to the new therapies now available, good results can be achieved in maintaining an adequate eyesight. Patients must be informed of these issues, as this disease can cause them psychological problems and depression.
[it] Age related Macular Degeneration: the treatments
Prof. Francesco Bandello
The choice between cutting costs and side effetcs in treatments is a dilemma which nowadays many doctors have to face. This is the case with age related Macular Degeneration when treated with Avastin. There may also be ocular related risks following this treatment.
[it] Diabetic macular edema
Prof. Francesco Bandello
Continuous leaks into the central part of the retina can cause, in the long run, severe anatominal and functional problems. Keep diabetes under control, cure hypertension and undergo regular check ups are the three most important steps for this disorder.
[it] C.A.T.T. Trial: the side effects
Prof. Francesco Bandello
Comparing two drugs, avastin and lucentis, for macular degeneration: this the aim of the C.A.T.T. trial. However, the study has also brought to light some concerning side effects of the avastin drug.
[it] Economic savings or minimum side effects: a difficult choice
Prof. Francesco Bandello
The CATT Trial has evidenced some very important issues: in particular the difficult choice between economic saving or absence of side effects, which has yet not been solved.

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