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medico » Prof. Roberto Orecchia

Prof. Roberto Orecchia

Head of Radiotherapy Department, European Institute of Oncology, Milan

specialty: Radiation Oncology

[it] The new carbonion ions therapy
Prof. Roberto Orecchia
Now, in Italy, important steps have been taken in prostate cancer treatments: the carbonium ions therapy. The ability of these particles to "break" DNA delivers targeted treatment to damaged cells.
[it] New approaches in prostate cancer treatment
Prof. Roberto Orecchia
Prostate cancer is an important social issue. Today, early detection gives the possibility to choose from a number of different treatments.
[it] Personalised treatments today
Prof. Roberto Orecchia
Surgery and radiotherapy are not in contrast with each other: the most suitable treatment must be planned and discussed according to individual needs.
[it] Robotic radiotherapy
Prof. Roberto Orecchia
New radiation instruments, required new therapeutic protocols in cancer treatment. Targeted radiation, in less time, is the main feature.
[it] Prostate cancer treatment: short treatment times thanks to new technologies
Prof. Roberto Orecchia
Prostate radiation therapy has become very much in vogue following high precision improvements to radiation technologies, handled by sophisticated robotic systems which allow to target the area to treat with high radiation dosage. The results are cuts in treatment length and less toxicity.

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