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the clinical cases of YouMed » Varicose Veins: Treatment microinvasive, ultrasound guided, percutaneous

The integration of vascular and ultrasound-guided surgery techniques is an advantage for patients and for the national healthcare system

Doctor Mario Maturanza and Doctor Giovanni Turtulici have set up a multidisciplinary unit at Ospedale Evangelico Internazionale, Genoa, in order to implement ultrasound-guided, percutaneous techniques for the treatment of pathologies in areas accessible with minimally invasive procedures. One of the first illnesses to be treated in the unit was venous insufficiency disorder with varicose veins. By gathering case reports on the treatment of several hundreds of patients, the two specialists have shown that this method offers advantages to patients and a favourable cost/benefit ratio to the healthcare system. The activity of the multidisciplinary unit was carried out using the most advanced software for the management of ultrasound systems and minimally invasive techniques for the localized release of radio frequency energy. 

interviews by the specialists

the procedure from the operating theatre

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