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scientific meetings » Stresa Headache Seminar 2015

From the Stresa seminar, validations and new treatments for migraine and cluster headaches

From 28.05.2015 to 30.05.2015    Stresa

The 2015 Stresa seminar addressed both the primary headaches and those which are caused by other diseases, confirming the importance of headache as a social pathology. From a pathophysiological point of view, the hypotheses that headaches are related to corporeal homeostasis and to the binomial terms emotion/pain were validated. An important part of the event was devoted to the discussion of new therapies, some of which are still under development, such as the use of monoclonal antibodies for the prophylaxis of migraine and cluster headaches. New studies have finally confirmed the validity of many well established pharmacological and neurosurgical treatments.


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