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up-dating events » HA intra-articular treatment: the more accurate the more effective

IBSA sponsorises the Satellite Symposium during ISIAT 2013

The IBSA sponsorised Satellite Symposium focuses on the best way to handle HA intra-articular treatment to ensure accuracy and effectiveness.  Prof. Alberto Migliore, from the St. Peter Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Rome, introduces Dr. Jordi Palau, of the Clinica de la Mà in Barcelona, who will extensively explain the best ultrasound techniques together with tips and tricks to correctly manage hand, wrist and elbow pathologies.  Dr. Busilacchi, from the University of Ancona, will present a prospective study of the effect of subacromial injections of hyaluronan on different grades of rotator cuff lesions.



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