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Statins and diabetes, hypertension and organ protection: four in-depth events at the Recordati booth

On the occasion of the annual European Society of Cardiology (ESC 2016, Rome), at the Recordati booth an intense and complex upgradeprogram called "Discussion with the experts" was carried out. Prof. Kausik K. Ray spoke on "Statins and diabetes", with a data rich lecture about the most recent trials, followed by a lively debate. On the topic "Fixed combination, hypertension and organ protection" three experts gave lectures that addressed the issue from different points of view: Prof. Athanasios Manolis (Focus on diabetes), Prof. Damiano Rizzoni (Focus on microcirculation) and Prof. Lorenzo Ghiadoni (Focus on kidneys). On this page of videos, you will find the full versions of the lectures with all the slides, the interviews with the speakers, all of the face-to-face discussions and debates on the topic presented.

full talk on the topic: statins & diabetes

full talks on the topic: fixed combination, hypertension and organ protection


face to face

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