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Jacques Bernier, MD, PD

Chief Department of Radio-Oncology, Swiss Genolier Medical Network, Geneva. Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva.

specialty: Radiation Oncology

[en] Head and Neck Cancer
Jacques Bernier, MD, PD
Information on head and neck cancer: treatment, screening, diagnosis, causes.
[it] Head and neck cancers
Jacques Bernier, MD, PD
Prof. Jaques Bernier, Genolier Clinics in Geneva, Switzerland, gives valuable information on the state of the art in treatments of head and neck cancers.
Jacques Bernier, MD, PD
The enourmous technical achievements in radiation oncology now permit the maximum precision and efficacy in targeting the unhealthy tissues only. Therapies are now extremely diversified enabling tailor made treatments according to charachteristics and position of each specific tumor.
[en] Multidisciplinary cancer treatments
Jacques Bernier, MD, PD
The latest developments in radiation therapy have helped to boost the oncology multidisciplinary approach which combines surgery, systemic treatments and radiotherapy, especially in locally advanced tumors. In such circumstances treatments capable of incrementing the sensitivity of tumor cells in receiving radio or chemo-therapy are fundamental.
[it] Multidisciplinary oncology
Jacques Bernier, MD, PD
The new multidisciplinary procedures, which can be applied to some locally advanced cancers, are here explained by Prof. Jaques Bernier of the Genolier Clinics in Geneva

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