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medico » Prof. Francesco Blasi

Prof. Francesco Blasi

Head of the Division of Pulmonary Medicine, Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, Milan, Italy

specialty: Bronchopneumology

[it] Epidemiology, risk groups
Prof. Francesco Blasi
Pneumococcus causes pneumonia, but also other diseases. The highest incidence of these complications in during the flu period. The presence of other diseases, such as diabetes, is a futher cause of risk in vulnerable patients. In elderly people the immune system is also lowered considerably.
[it] Pneumococcal vaccine: the role of your GP
Prof. Francesco Blasi
Your GP is the best person if you need to consider pneumococcal vaccine. Young children and the over 65s' are the most vulnerable.
[it] Diseases caused by Pneumococcal bacteria
Prof. Francesco Blasi
The flu virus lowers the immune system making access for pneumococcal bacteria. Children and over 65s'are the most likely to be affected by this complication.

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