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Prof. Fabrizio Pregliasco

Division of Biomedical Sciences, University of Milan, Italy

[it] Superinfection by Pneumococcus: why you should receive vaccine
Prof. Fabrizio Pregliasco
The flu virus can pave the way for pneumococcal superinfection. This bacteria is normally completely harmless, however in certain cases it can be the cause of serious diseases such as pneumonia, ear infections and meningitis. Patients at risk, such as children and over 65s', should receive vaccine.
[it] Pneumococcal vaccination
Prof. Fabrizio Pregliasco
The youngest and the elderly are the most vulnerable categories at risk of pneumococcal infections. The conjugate vaccine is the right answer ensuring long-lasting protection.
[it] When and how to receive the vaccine
Prof. Fabrizio Pregliasco
The pneumococcal bacteria does not "change" yearly. Vaccine can therefore be received throughout the year. Pneumococcal vaccine can be received at the same time as the flu one and does not have to be repeated every year.
[it] What the specialists say
Prof. Fabrizio Pregliasco
The Scientific Societies strongly recommend that during the first year of life babies should receive the 13 valent conjugate vaccine. Adults with risk factors should receive vaccine according to their needs.

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