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Dr.ssa Maria P. Pisoni

specialty: Gynecology

[it] Spina bifida: the experience of the ASBIN Niguarda Hospital-3
Dr.ssa Maria P. Pisoni
Prenatal diagnosis of spina bifida, needs to be extremely accurate in order for the parents to understand the level of disability their child will have. Prevention is fundamental and must be carried out throught the different stages of the woman's life.
[it] Spina bifida: the experience of ASBIN Niguarda - 2
Dr.ssa Maria P. Pisoni
Everyone should be aware that spina bifida prevention should start before conceining a baby. The prognosis varies depending on the type of defect, ranging from lethal to those less severe. Children born with this neurological impairment normally need a multi-disciplinary intervention right from birth.
[it] Spina bifida: the experience of ASBIN Niguarda - 1
Dr.ssa Maria P. Pisoni
The neural tube defect or spina bifida is a malformation of the fetus that can be prevented. It may be due to various factors including a lack of certain enzymes, which may be easily corrected with the intake of folic acid.

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